Hosting solutions

One of the biggest challenges in developing an app or website can be hosting and maintaining it.

Apps often require a back-end database to manage content, administration or client servicing/ fulfilment. To be sold on The AppStore or Google Play they need to be hosted on a Developer Account. Websites must to be hosted to be visible on the web. You may have have existing databases that apps and websites that new products require integration with.

The word "hosting" strikes fear into those that don't understand the technical requirements of doing this. But fear not - we've got the infrastruture available to make this simple for you.

"I had a (server) farm in Africa"

Many of our apps - and our client's apps - require a backend infrastructure or a database to manage content, administration and/ or client accounts. We typically build these using MySQL/ PHP and frequently host them on our secure SQL Server or a third party cloud hosting solution such as Amazon Web Services.

Our SQL server has international-level security standards and protocols, 99.9%+ server up-time and is scalable to meet your growing needs. We can provide space on it for you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

App Developer Accounts

If you want to publish your app on the App Stores such as iTunes or Google Play, you need a developer account. These typically require paying an annual fee and also require quite a lot of paperwork especially if you want to receive payments from, for example, paid apps or in-app purchases.

Uploading the code for apps to be reviewed and eventually approved and published is a very complicated process involving a lot of secret keys, profiles, IDs and much more. Unless you're experienced in this, we'd strongly recommend you work with an experienced partner such as ourselves to get your app to market as soon as possible.

Another potential pitfall is that Google Play, the app store for Android apps, does not currently pay to South African bank accounts. If you have a paid app, or an app with in-app purchases, you can use our developer account which is linked to our UK bank account. We will then transfer the funds to your local bank account.


Hosting a website is actually pretty simple and it is something that even an inexperienced, non-technical person can do themselves using one of the big international domain registration and hosting companies such as Go Daddy or Web Africa.

However if you're not comfortable with doing this or your requirements are a bit more complex than just buying a simple domain, we can do it on your behalf. Moreover we can add your domain to our hosting account with Go Daddy for a lot less than paying for your own hosting account.

Payments/ eCommerce

We can help you build and set up your online store in just one day!

We have experience in setting up eCommerce websites in South Africa, for example, including integration with local payment processors such as PayFast so that you can accept credit card payments, EFTs and PayPal for your products.