Platforms and their relative advantages

Selecting the right platform to build your app, website or database is one of the most important decisions you'll make (after selecting us as your development partner of course!). We support and have extensive experience on most of the main platforms and will make a recommendation on which one/s to use depending upon your specific requirements.

Native Apps

All things being even, native apps provide the best performance in terms of speed, transitions and stability. It is for these reasons that native platforms are generally our favourite. They are also more likely to be approved, be forward-compatible and rank higher in the App Stores. However they often take longer because little or no code is re-usable across the different operating systems and are more difficult for novices to use.

  • We use Objective-C/ XCode to build iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps. We'll even host your app on our Developer Account.
  • We use Java/ Android Studio (formerly Eclipse) to build Android apps for, for example, Samsung, HTC and other Android brands. Many Android apps also work on Blackberry. You can use our Google Play publisher account, including to receive payments for paid apps and in-app purchases (Google don't pay to SA bank accounts so we process these via our UK bank account).
  • We can build native Windows Mobile apps although the penetration of Windows phones is still relatively small in Africa (and internationally) so we are happy to provide advice on whether this is required for launch based upon your product strategy and target segment.

Cross-platform Apps

If you want to get to market quickly and for the minimal cost then a cross-platform app might be the right choice. These are apps that only need to be developed once and can be deployed across multiple operating systems including Apple, Android and Windows with minimal re-work. However performance isn't quite as sharp as with native apps and if your app has unusual or complex features we find these solutions often end up actually being more complicated.

We'd built apps in most of the popular multi-OS platforms including PhoneGap, Cordova, Xamarin and Appcelerator.

HTML5 / Responsive

Many people think they want an app but what they actually need is a responsive website - that is a website that is optimised for phones and tablets (as well as desktops) such as this site. The advanges are that only one version needs to be built and maintained and there is no requirement to list on/ approved by the App Stores. If you want simplicity, cost-effectiveness and your content is likely to be changing rapidly - so the user will need to go online to get it anyway - this is an option worth considering. We can help with domain purchasing, hosting and development.

The downside is that performance is dependent upon internet connection (the content is mainly "online" rather than "offline"), you don't get your own app icon or listing on the App Stores and some app features, such as charging for content, requires additional development.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Windows

Database/ CMS

Many of our apps - and our client's apps - require a backend infrastructure or a database to manage content, administration and/ or client accounts. We typically build these using MySQL/ PHP and frequently host them on our secure SQL Server or a third party cloud hosting solution such as Amazon Web Services. Read More