Insta-Deal App

Project Description

Insta-Deal is a truly unique daily deals App which notifies users about amazing deals which they’d be interested in. Even better, these “Insta-Deals” (short for “Instant Deals”) are created by the businesses and brands themselves, so users find out about these incredible deals as they happen!

It works like this…

A business or brand creates an Insta-Deal and makes it live via the Insta-Deal App. Users who have favourited these businesses or brands, or if they have listed their home, work or other frequented addresses near to where an Insta-Deal is being offered, they would then get a notification about it via the App.

Once in the App, users can view more information about an Insta-Deal, like where it is being offered and the business or brand offering it. The choice is then the users to take full advantage of, especially if it is a “limited time offer”, or it is a “while stocks last” offer.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • iOS and Android native development
    • Google Maps/ Fusion Tables API
    • Social media integration
    • Retail
  • Client: